Alligator hunting is quickly gaining in popularity across the southern United States. Quality public waterways and year-round private land hunting make Central Florida the perfect destination! Airboat and Gator Charters offers hunters the opportunity to hunt alligators year-round, with their choice of equipment. Whether you prefer a full nights experience or are looking to get away from "The Mouse" for a day, we can make your hunt fun, safe and memorable. 

Public Water Gator Hunt
Florida's 2024 Public Water Gator Hunt begins 5pm August 15th and ends 10am on November 1st. Hunting gators is a fun and challenging adventure, offering an exciting and unique experience. Hunts begin just before dark and last until the last gator is brought aboard. Hunters should expect to spend up to 6-12 hours a night on the vessel, actively participating in stalks using bow, crossbow, harpoon or snatch hook.

Succesfully guiding hunters on Hell N' Blazes (501), Lake Poinsett (502), Puzzle Lake (504)
Lake Harney (505) Crescent Lake (508), Lake Jessup (510), Lake Toho (520), Lake Monroe (527), Lake Dexter (528), St. John's River Upper Basin Canals (540), Lake George (751), Lake County (835),
 Volusia County (864), Orange Lake

2024 Public Water Gator Hunt Prices
Prices include full nights hunt, all licenses, tags, equipment, snacks, guide, vessel and transport of your gators to the processor. Hunters may use bow, crossbow or harpoon on their hunt. Hunting is conducted off of an airboat or kicker boat.

Private Land Gator Hunts
These hunts are a great choice for anyone looking for the excitment of a gator hunt but are visiting in the Winter, Spring or Summer months or would prefer to use a firearm. Hunters are welcome to bring their own weapons or we can provide you with a rental. This option also allows SCI hunters to add the american alligator to their trophy room with the weapon of their choice. Hunts take place on thousands of acres of marsh with interlocking canals and a series of dikes and levees. Transportation will be by truck or ATV. Hunters should expect shots in the 50-75yrd range with firearms and under 20 yards with archery equipment.

Booking Your Hunt
You may be thinking that a chartered hunt is expensive. Your'e right, it can be a costly venture, but we put gators in the boat, and I offer you a hunt you'll never forget. Alligator hunting, for most people, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, both for Florida residents and nonresidents alike. Public water hunts take place from a custom Diamondback Airboat or Kicker Boat, powered by an air cooled Mud Buddy motor. Each has been designed for safety and stability while hunting alligators.  These boat and motor combinations allow us to efficiently stalk large alligators. Private land hunts are conducted by truck or atv on some of the best  habitat anywhere.

The equipment necessary to hunt alligators is specialized and relatively expensive. We supply all the equipment possible to make your hunt a success. You may use a harpoon, snatch hook w/ fishing pole, or if you prefer, you can use a bow or crossbow rigged for alligators specifically. Other items required for your hunt will include bangsticks, gaffs, lights, lines, and bug spray. We also supply you with invaluable information on hunting technique, safety (we are hunting alligators), the extensive laws that surround the public waters alligator hunt and boating. Private land hunters may use snatch hook, bow, crossbow, rifles .243 caliber and larger, muzzleloader or handgun.

When the hunt is over and the gators are harvested, we take plenty of pictures, then we help you get your trophy to the processor, taxidermist, or assist you in whatever you decide. If for any reason, we do not fill your tags, an additional night of hunting can be arranged at a discounted rate.

What To Bring (Public Water)
Wear dark clothing, black shirt preferably with no colorful design on it, because it reflects light. Dark jeans or pants, black or dark blue are fine, camoflage pants work well also. I do not recommend shorts, although they are fine if you don't mind the extra mosquito bites. A light jacket, or sweatshirt can come in handy as well. Also, you should bring a change of clothes for the ride home, you may be wet or dirty.  Packable light rain gear would also be advisable.
Sensible footwear is a must, sneakers, or shoes that you don't mind getting wet or dirty work great. Open toed shoes are not a good idea. Keep in mind the deck of the boat may get wet, and slippery.
Camera and Video Equipment
Bringing cameras or Video recorders to capture your hunt is a great idea, but I need to give the following warning. You are on a boat, in the dark, chasing Alligators, things have been known to go overboard, (experience talking here). If you wish to bring anything along, please understand there is the possibility of it going overboard or getting damaged. That being said, the moment must be captured, so I recommend a good disposable camera with flash, and a better quality camera for pictures back at the ramp. You may also think about bringing a small dry bag. I will have a high quality DSLR with and can burn photos to a disc before you leave.
Knives or Firearms
This comes up every year, knives with a blade of 5' or less are fine, that's all you will need. NO FIREARMS!!!  We don't allow them and neither does Fish and Game, so leave the guns at home. We have bang sticks, and that is all we need.
If your wear corrective lenses, an extra pair is recommended. Contact lenses can be better, but its up to you. Soda, water and snacks are provided. We have a cooler on board so you are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and food. If you choose to deliver the gators to the processor yourself, you will need ice, a plywood panel for the bed of your truck (keeps the heat from the gators) and a tarp. Common Sense and a Positive Attitude Always Welcome!

What to Bring (Private Land)
Clothing should be comfortable and hunters should be prepared for big temperature changes during the day and very high humidity. Light weight fabrics and layers are the best bet.
Anything from sneakers to rubber boots will work fine. The more involved you would like to be in recovering your gator, the more likely your feet will get wet.
Video Equipment/Cameras
Private land hunts are conducted under more controlled conditions and a dry truck is never very far away. You are welcome to bring whatever equipment you like but a high quality case is a must. I will have a high quality DSLR with at all times during your hunt and will have dozens of photos of your hunt along with your trophy. A burned disc will be prepared before your trip is over. If you would like to have your hunt taped you are welcome to bring your own or a videographer can be arranged to tape and edit your experience.
Firearms or Bows
Hunters wanting to bring their own equipment should bring firearms they can shoot accurately. Normal shot distance is 50-75 yards but the kill zone is fairly small. Any rifle .243 and larger will work great, along with a quality hollow point or polymer tipped bullet. Loaner rifles are available and hunters will have the opportunity to practice before their hunt. Archers will need to shoot bows over 40# draw weight and shots will be close. Feel free to bring your own and we will set it up before your hunt. Loaner bows and crossbows are also available along with all the necessary equipment.
Transportation to and from your hotel is included. Hunter pick up is generally early in the morning. All food, snacks and drinks are provided for the hunter during the hunt. Depending on the size of alligator you are after, hunts can last from a few hours to all day. After your hunt, harvested alligators will be dropped off at our processor and the meat will be ready to ship within a few days. We will also get your trophy to the taxidermist. Common Sense and a Positive Attitude Always Welcome!

Please feel free to contact Capt. Joshua with any 
questions or to request references.

 (386) 747-0631

Gator Hunts   

One Night/One Gator 
One or Two Hunters
All Licenses, Tags, Equipment, Snacks, Vessel Guide and Transport of  Gator to Processor
$1,800.00            Call for Group Rates!
One Night/Two Gators             One or Two Hunters 
All Licenses, Tags, Equipment, Snacks, Vessel Guide and Transport of  Gators to Processor
Two Nights/ Three Gators
Up to 3 Hunters 
All Licenses, Tags, Equipment, Snacks, Vessel Guide and Transport of  Gators to Processor
$4,200.00                Best Value!
2024 Sport Hunt
One Gator up to 8FT

Transportation from hotel,  licensing, tags, snacks, guide, equipment and transport of gator to processor and taxidermist.

Group and Military Discounts available
2024 Trophy Hunt
One Gator 9FT & Up

Transportation from hotel, licensing, tags, snacks, guide, equipment and transport of gator to processor and taxidermist.

Call for Discounts and Specials.